Personal Switch Kit

Moving your account to Heritage Bank is easy! We have a team in place to make the transition as streamlined as possible. Just follow the simple steps below, print and complete the forms you will need, and get ready to make the change to a better banking experience!

Download the Personal Switch Kit PDF Form

Account Opening

To open your new Heritage Bank account, visit one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at any of our convenient locations. They will be happy to go over our deposit account options, services and any questions you may have. Or, you can contact Lauren Johnson at and she will be happy to get the account opening process started.

Please see “Form 1” for a list of information and documentation required at account opening. Feel free to complete the required fields and bring in the form with you to open the account.

We encourage you to stop using your old account to let any checks you may have written or other transactions clear.

Direct Deposits

You will need to transfer any direct deposits that are currently going into your old account to your new Heritage Bank account. To transfer your direct deposit or to establish a new direct deposit, you can use “Form 2: Direct Deposit Authorization.” We encourage you to allow sufficient time for the funds to be deposited into your new Heritage Bank account. The initial direct deposit may not happen immediately, therefore it is important to keep your old account active until the transfer is successful.

Automatic Payments

If you have payments set to automatically deduct from your old account, you will need to have them transferred to your new Heritage Bank account. You can use “Form 3: Automatic Payment Request” to request a transfer of any ACH debits, withdrawals or automatic payments from your old account.

It is also important to change payments or withdrawals that are debited from your old debit card to your new Heritage Bank debit card.

Close Your Old Account

After you have transferred any direct deposits or automatic payments that you had on your old account and all of your checks have cleared, it is time to make the final change to banking with Heritage. To close your old account, you can visit your old banking center in person or you can send in “Form 4: Account Closing” to request that your account be closed and any remaining funds be sent to you.

After your old account has been closed, make sure to destroy all remaining checks, deposit tickets and debit or ATM cards.